The Process


Leading up to our session I will help prepare you so that you feel a little more comfortable when we meet. Here are some ways I help support you


As soon as you have confirmed your booking date and paid your deposit I will send a questionnaire to you via email. This helps me get to know you better and gives me an understanding of your visions and how I can best serve you


Along with your questionnaire I can also send you a guide on what to wear if you feel you need a little guidance. I won't tell you exactly what to wear unless you want me to. The guide helps you understand how the clothes you wear will help enhance the overall look of the images while also helping you feel confident and comfortable. It's not just about getting new clothes but about you feeling like, well, YOU!

I have a client closet with women's outfits from size 6-16 that all of my clients are welcome to use, as well as baby and children's outfits. You are welcome to try these on prior to our session


Once I have an idea of your visions we can start choosing a location. This can be somewhere that you feel most comfortable or one of the special places that I know of


The fun part! I also know that this can often be a little nerve-racking. I will guide you through every step of the way until you find your natural flow


At the start of the session you will likely be a little nervous. It is normal to feel unsure about how to pose, look and act for the photos. Don't worry, I got you! We create a connection together through our communication before the session and this helps so much. I am very easy going and have a relaxed approach to photographing. I love to hang out with my clients, talk to you, laugh with you and just have a good time. I am super goofy and people find it hard to not feel comfortable in my presence! I do have plenty of poses and prompts that I can start you off with, but before you know it you will feel comfortable enough to go with your natural flow. If you have children it helps to follow their lead, kids are so perfect for beautiful candid images


One of the questions I will ask you prior to our session is what music you enjoy. If you would like we can play this during our session


This is where I work my editing magic and share your beautiful images with you


Within 48 hours of our session I will send you a handful of sneak peak images via message or email. The full gallery of all of your images will be ready within 2-4 weeks. When this is ready I will send you a link to your private online gallery, this is protected by a password. You will be able to download the images from here ready to be printed / shared to your hearts content. This online gallery will be available for download for three months after our shoot date and then stored on a secure hard drive for twelve months for your security