Gatherings + Re-wildling Journeys

When women gather together, in nature, we embody our true expression. We allow ourselves to be seen, we allow ourselves to feel, we allow ourselves to release. We come home

These gatherings are so important, we need this medicine now more than ever. Together through our vulnerability and connection we are changing the collective consciousness

I am honoured to create these safe spaces which become containers for self-expression in it's truest forms. Each gathering looks different, but if you feel called please reach out here for the details of our next journey together here or scroll down

Spring journey

Sunday 4th September in a secret nature location, 3pm onwards

Limited to five women

Group and individual photos

Please enquire HERE for details / spaces

Solstice Gatherings

June + January

Please check my instagram for details

Erin (April Woman's Journey)

I saw a previous woman's embodiment shoot that Nika had facilitated, and was drawn to being part of something so beautiful and powerful. Whilst I knew this would be out of my comfort zone, I felt immediately at ease after messaging Nika to enquire about the next session. She replied quickly and leading up to the shoot, we were all kept well informed and Nika made sure we were going to be comfortable with the process on the day. The day itself was indescribable. I felt extremely privileged hearing the others stories and we created magic by coming together to celebrate our natural beauty.

Thank you so much Nika, and the other stunning woman who I shared this journey of self discovery and self love with!